Impolite emails

If you discover that the customer didn’t complain about a specific thing but instead was ranting about nothing in particular, that could be a ticket to the bin.

How the best Entrepreneurs tackle complicated situations

Taking the route of entrepreneurship means signing up to become a problem-solver. Inevitably, every company has its fair share of challenges. At first, these challenges present themselves as mountains; complicated and overwhelming. Yet, entrepreneurs are supposed to channel their minds into decoding the algorithm and breaking down these complex...

Why is gaining confidence so hard?

Why is gaining confidence so hard? Actually? I’m asking for myself. We’ve all suffered from imposter syndrome. Confidence ebbs and flows for me. But I’m finding, at the height of my career, that I’m lacking confidence in many aspects of my life. Keep reading and I’ll tell you how a Diva’s temper tantrum threw me...
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